Installation view Barry Iverson’s  The Tour

Installation view Barry Iverson’s The Tour

18 June - 3 October 2019

18 October - 8 November 2019 at SHELTER Art Space in Alexandria

The Tour is an attempt to provoke and inquire further into the persistent image of and desire for the ‘Orient’ in our collective imagination. Through a series of photographic images, Iverson takes viewers on a visual quest for knowledge of the Orient, the historical truths, reluctant dreams, and overlapping times of being there. With Egypt and the Levant as magnetic focal points for Iverson, the series creates a quiet yet unsettling relationship between past and present, inhabitants and spaces, locals and visitors. Iverson’s work documents the fantastical nature of what were once real figures living in real times against the backdrop of enduring historical spaces that he encounters. The Tour offers a vibrant commentary on past dreams and lives we have inherited in the present. Iverson’s juxtaposition of found images with his own photography obliges viewers to reconsider these seemingly old spaces and figures within them. Spread throughout the gallery, the exhibition showcases more than thirty-five black and white archival pigment prints and a selection of hand coloured photographs. An oversized, handmade photographic album, in the tradition of the photographic tomes of the 19th century, something Iverson is passionate about and containing more from the series, will be displayed alongside original early travel and architectural photographs of Egypt by J.P Sebah, Francis Frith, Andreas Reiser, Gabriel Lekegian, Alexandre Brignoli and Bonfils amongst others. Additional black and white and hand-coloured works will also be on display in clamshell presentation cases.


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