Barry Iverson - CV

Projects: Black and White Handcoloured The Tour

Solo Exhibitions:

2016 Deprimi Fine Art, Lugano, Italy.

2014 Sultan Gallery, Kuwait.

2014 Townhouse Gallery, Cairo, Egypt.

2007 Gallery One, Dubai.

2003 Townhouse Gallery, Cairo, Egypt.

2001 Camera Obscura, Denver, USA.

2001 Nubian Museum, Aswan, Egypt

2000.Townhouse Gallery, Cairo, Egypt

1999.Talli’s Fine Art Gallery, New York, USA.

1996 Cairo – Berlin Gallery, Cairo, Egypt.

1994 American University in Cairo, SONY Gallery, Egypt.

1985 Harvard University, Cambridge,USA.

1979 Colorado Photographic Arts Center, Denver, USA.

1979 Kresge Art Museum, Michigan State University, USA.

1979 Phototek of Thessaloniki, Greece.

1978 National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, USA.

Group Exhibitions:

2016 Tower Gallery, Les Tapies, Tauzuc, France.

2015 Tower Gallery, Les Tapies, Tauzuc , France.

2014 LA Noble Gallery, London, UK.

2014 Tower Gallery, Les Tapies, Tauzuc, France.

2012 Studio Viennoise, Cairo, Egypt.

2012 The Photographic Gallery, Cairo, Egypt.

2005 Houston Fotofest, Texas, USA.

2004 Nazar, the Netherlands.

1999 American Institute of Architects, Washington DC, USA.

1997 National Museum of American History, Washington DC , USA.

1979 Colorado Institute of Art, Denver, US.


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